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Our Brands

Simply Bare™ Organic

Nature at its Rawest

Complex, aromatic and full of flavour, our sustainably grown cannabis is a true reflection of the organic process we derived from nature.

1964 Supply Co.™

Organic Legacy Cultivars

Representing a pivotal time in cannabis culture, 1964 Supply Co™ talks directly to where time relaxes and a new modern world emerges.

Homestead Cannabis Supply™

A Simple Combination of Quality and Value

Without artificial help, we learn to live with the land, not to fight it. And that means getting to know it better. To respect it. To work it and look after it. Some see growing cannabis this way as a return to simpler times. But don’t confuse simple with easy.

Wildflower ™ (Coming Soon)

Connecting people with the power of plants.

We source and produce the highest quality CBD products formulated with plant-based ingredients, hoping to help make the world a better place.

Lab Theory™ (Coming Soon)

Flower in full colour

Our super-premium concentrate brand combines high terpene, organic flower with 20 years of knowledge in extraction techniques to identify the perfect match of product for each unique strain.

Our Team

Western Canada

Chris Still

Vice President, Sales

Antonio Tiergarten

National Key Accounts Manager

Brandon Dolan

Business & Education Consultant – Vancouver Island & Northern BC

Greg Foreman

Business & Education Consultant – BC Lower Mainland

Jenn Kyllo

Business & Education Consultant – BC Interior

Jessica Inkpen

Business & Education Consultant – Alberta

Monique Pinette

Business & Education Consultant – Alberta

Eastern Canada

Sachi Verma

Sales Director – Eastern Canada

Shane Cameron

Regional Sales Manager – Eastern Canada

Alex Boyd

Business & Education Consultant – Ottawa & Quebec

Daniel Almariego

Business & Education Consultant – Ontario

Jeramie Nancoo

Business & Education Consultant – Ontario

Kandace Parks

Business & Education Consultant – Eastern Canada

Patricia Kaczmarek

Business & Education Consultant – Ontario

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